предназначен для

предназначен для
[см. быть предназначенным для; для запуска … предназначена; син. использоваться для; приспособлен для]
ATS (missions: development and testing of space-borne equipment…
Ariel-I… its mission was exploration of the ionosphere…
Castor (thrust, 281; burning time; … length, 6.2 m; to be used in the 2nd stage of the Scout launch vehicle).
BS. 606 (eight-chamber; thrust, 8 X 2.8 t; assembly weight, 506 kg; used for the same rocket's 1st stage…
Bell XLR 81-BA-9 (thrust, 7.25 tons; specific impulse in vacuum, 300 s; burning time, 240 s; … designed for the Agena launch vehicle).
Raven-2B… It propels the Black Knight and Skylark missiles.

Русско-английский словарь по космонавтике. . 2004.

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